Welcome to Material SharePoint! A blog written by me, James Sturges, to expand on everything is awesome tool can do. As often as I can, I’d like to share articles and information about Microsoft SharePoint. Discussion and collaboration, both fundamentals of SharePoint, are the best way to learn and grow any great idea. On my blog I’d like to both share ideas, news, and product feature reviews to extend my own learning but also to expand with others.

What is SharePoint? If you’ve never heard of SharePoint or new to it, there’s a great video below by Microsoft that breaks things down in plain English. As a visual learner, it makes it very easy to understand the fundamentals of the platform and understand on a high level all the wonderful benefits it can offer your company or business team.

Who am I? Just another technology nerd who loves to talk – oh, and my name is James. I started this blog as a way to grow and share my knowledge of Microsoft SharePoint. I’m currently working for a technology consulting group in Boston, MA called Jornata who specialize in Microsoft SharePoint.