Balsamiq Wireframes Quickstart Guide

Posted by on October 29, 2012 at 12:21 pm.

One of my favorite tools for making design and UI/UX wire frames is Balsamiq mockups. I know I’ve mentioned this tool many times before and referred to it in presentations, but it really is an awesome tool. I made a simple template in another post for making SharePoint mockups you can download here.

Packt Publishing just released a pretty slick book titled Balsamiq Wireframes Quickstart Guide by Scott Faranello. I’ve been reviewing the book and it’s a great reference for everything from installing the software to file formats, custom objects, design best practices, and more! It’s definitely worth checking out if you need to make wire frame mockups for user interface design or custom look and feel, in SharePoint and other applications.

You can get the book as an eBook or in hard copy online, as well as book reviews and topics covered on the Packt Publishing book page here.

Book Approach (from Packt Publishing):
“This book is a step-by-step guide to learning Balsamiq Mockups and wireframing in general. Written in an engaging, easy to follow style and flow, readers can utilize free, downloadable templates that teach by building upon previous chapters until each lesson is learned and applied, ensuring true learning, not just memorization.” 

Who This Book is For:
“If you are serious about wireframing, designing and communicating your ideas clearly and quickly, then this book is for you.” 

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